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The SimtoSim Non-Core Mod for Sims 3

The Sims 3 teen woohoo mod is updated for Paradise Vacation (base version 1.57).

To use my mod, unzip the package and place it in your Mods/Packages subdirectory. If you don’t have this directory, add a Mods directory under the Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 directories in your ‘My Documents’. Then add a Packages directory under the Mods. Then start your game!


My sims 3 non-core mod is updated for all EPs thru Paradise Vacation (1.57). It contains the following enhancments:

Teen woohoo in all venues.
Teen pregnancy – Try for Baby 75% success, Risky 10% (adjustable)
Fun in the Family (Romantic involvement allowed and can be turned off.)

Almost all abilities can be set, turned on/off, and adjusted in various ways thru the SimtoSim entry on the Sim pie menu.


Any donation gives you access to ALL 3 mods(sims 2 teen woohoo, sims3 teen woohoo, & the vampire skill).

A donation of $4.95 is required for access
to the mods. All mods are accessible with one donation. Other content is free. The reason
I ask for a donation is due to the amount of work required to
reproduce the mod anytime a patch, ep or sp is released. It is also a deterrent from children using woohoo mods without a parent’s permission.

Once the donation is complete you will be directed to the download page for the mod.

Save (bookmark) the url to the download page to return for updates!

Enjoy! You can email me at with any suggestions or bugs. Please do not post this mod on other sites.

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